Where to stay in Copenhagen

Originally a Viking fishing village, Copenhagen is city that must be visited. Rich in finances, culture, and diversity, this is perfect place for people of any age. While exploring the hidden alleys and interacting with locals, here is a list of a couple of cool areas to stay at while visiting Copenhagen.

    Omorfos91 - Wikimedia

Those that love to be where all the action is happening should stay in the City Centre. Here you will be greeted with a wide selection of restaurants, narrow streets and beautiful canals meandering through the city landscape. Strøget is one of Europe’s longest pedestrian street that stretches for 1.1km and linking City Hall Square to Kongens Nytorv. Between all the shops, there is also a plethora of hostels and hotels to choose from to lay down to rest.

Hipsters should head to Vesterbro which is known as the red light district. In 2014, it was rated number 4 on Thrillist’s top 10 most hipster neighbourhoods on Earth, so take from that what you want. The area is conveniently within walking distance of the city centre. Not only does it boast designer stores, but also has a good amount of trendy bars and restaurants to choose from. Behind Central station, there is a wide variety of cheap hostel and hotel accommodation if you are looking to stay here.

Just north of the city centre is Østerbro, a well known and rather posh residential area. The roads are covered in cobblestones and are lined with trees. It is home to Fælledparken, Denmark’s largest public park and greenest area. Here you will find dogs running around, a football ground and the national stadium. There are only a limited number of places to stay in here as most of the hotels are downtown, but check out various B&B options in the area, you might get lucky and find a vacancy.

If you are looking for something different, think about staying in Nørrebro. This is a very young and vibrant place filled with all sorts of treats from trendy to dodgy dive bars, small boutiques to large designer shops and much, much more. In the past it was a working class area but now is home to a great diverse and multicultural scene. There are various hostels in the neighbourhood that are all worth checking out as well.

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