Where to go this summer 2016

With summer just around the corner it is time to pull out the planners and start filling in the search engines with places you want to go. There is a wonderful paradise out there for everyone. It is just a matter of finding the one for you. Here is a wide range of ideas to consider this summer.


Budget Traveler

While this may not be the first place that comes to mind, Estonia in Northern Europe is the perfect place for budget travelers who are looking for something different. Tallinn, the capital city, has a wonderful old medieval town that is a bustling area with windy roads that are great for exploring. You can also join a free walking tour which meets in Old Town at noon. If you have time, check out the Estonian Open Air Museum which is only 8km outside of the capital. Here they recreated an old traditional Estonian village which takes you back in time. In the evenings, join your hostel pub crawl and get to know the locals on your night out.


Beach Lover

Lying on the beach surrounded by golden sand, fresh ocean air and the sound of children laughing may sound like the perfect holiday for some. If this is you, head over to Croatia and visit Mljet Island which lies just 20 miles outside of Dubrovnik. This little island that stretches 2 miles wide and 25 miles long is home to Mljet National Park. So if you are traveling with people who would prefer to be exploring, there are plenty of trails for them to hike or cycle while you relax on Blace Beach.


Wine Connoisseur

Bordeaux in France is continually expanding and becoming ever more appealing to those that enjoy a glass of wine or two. They are currently working on building Bordeaux Cité du Vin, which is a mixture of a theme park, museum, and cultural space and is due to open June 2016. One of the spaces it includes is a 600m 2 floor wine bar and shop. The project managers state that ‘One of the key aims of the Cité du Vin is to ensure that the boutique stocks at least one example from every wine producing country.’ Or head out of the city and join one of the many wine tour day trips available in the countryside.


Family Focused

Children love adventure and places that are visually exciting. One place that offers both is the famous UNESCO site, the Colosseum in Rome. Children can enjoy going on a tour a learning about the history of the Roman Empire’s enormous amphitheatre and the stories of heroic gladiators who stood on the famous ground.


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