Where to go this autumn and why.

Choosing a destination for an autumn break can be tricky, and weather-wise often a question of luck. Yet it’s tempting, as you’ll find considerably cheaper travel and accommodation, and it’s often necessary if you need a pre-Christmas stress buster.

Unless this is your main holiday of the year and you can afford to splurge on somewhere exotic, you’ll probably be looking at a short hop European break. The Mediterranean is an obvious choice, where September and even early October are usually synonymous with pleasant balmy weather that invigorates rather than drains your energy.

And it’s not only the weather. Foodies can have fun as fresh seafood hits the menus (tradition has it that it’s at its best when there’s an ‘r’ in the month) and the grapes are being harvested. Not only can you enjoy them as a fruit, but also in liquid form, as the young wines come into the bars and restaurants.

Perfect destinations include the medieval town of Cefalu, Sicily, where, in the highly unlikely event that the weather fails, there are plenty of cultural attractions nearby, reports the Daily Telegraph, who found mid-October flights there for £60 return on a no-frills airline.

Other beach destinations with alternative draws should the weather let you down are Nice, with its interesting museums and galleries, and the Costa del Sol, with spectacular Ronda, Malaga and even Granada within easy reach. There’s a host of cheap flights to Malaga from a number of UK airports and Nice is also well served by budget airlines from the UK. Bon Voyage!

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