Where to go bonkers on Boxing Day

Roll out the barells at Grantchester Barrel Rolling, Cambridgshire - where else do you get to drink your racing vehicle?

The tradition of Boxing Day barrel rolls dates back to the 60s, but was revived in 2003 and has grown over the past six years. Four teams compete from Grantchester, just outside Cambridge; this is followed by the grandly named "County Championships", with one team from Grantchester and three from the neighbouring villages of Barton, Coton and Newnham in a relay race up and down the main street. The races start at midday and last around 40 minutes, with prize-giving taking place at the Rupert Brooke pub, grantchester.info.

Maldon Mud Race, Essex.

It may actually be held on the 27th, but spiritually the sight of hundreds of people wading through muddy lagoons and marshes around Maldon is in keeping with bonkers Boxing Day traditions. Tickets to take part are sold out, but watching people wading around in mud is possibly more fun, although people come from as far away as the Shetland Islands and Germany to wallow in freezing cold slime. The event takes place at Promenade Park, at 1pm, with all money raised (more than £50,000 last year) going to local charities, maldonmudrace.com.

Tenby boxing day swim, Dyfed, Wales.

We're not even going to describe it, except to say, semi-naked people turning blue on Boxing Day. The charity event takes place on the North Beach, and the swim itself is at 11.30am - no chance, mate. tenbyboxingdayswim.co.uk.

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