Where to find the best street food in the world

What better way to explore and experience any local culture than by trying out local street cuisine. Wherever you are, there are bound to be tasty treats for you to discover and delight in. Here are some of the best street foods that can be found in various parts of the world.

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Asia has a wide range of street food available varying from country to country. If you are in Shanghai, make sure to find your way to a street vendor selling Xialongbao, literally “little buns in a steaming basket”. These delicious dim sum dough buns are filled with pork and aspic which will leave you feeling warm and full.

In Thailand, the streets are filled with the scent of the sweet and sour signature dish of Tom Yum. This is made up of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and galangal. You also can’t visit Vietnam without slurping down some delicious Pho Tiu. This beef or chicken noodle dish has a broth that is made by combining bones, tendons, charred onion and ginger as well as other various spices and seasonings. It is then topped with green onion, thai basil, lime and chillis to really drive your senses wild.

Europe also has many mouth watering options available while strolling the romantic and historical roads. On summer nights in Italy, stop off at a stall and enjoy one of their many light and fresh gelato options. The best way to end a night out in Spain is to pick up some warm churros and enjoy the deep fried dough which is rolled in cinnamon sugar. Dipped in thick hot chocolate won’t disappoint and we guarantee you'll be dying for more.

If you are in southern Germany and need a tasty treat, keep your eyes peeled for Fleishkase, literally translating to “meat cheese”. The ingredients are corned beef, pork, bacon and onions that are served in a fresh roll with a tasty mustard spread.

There are many salty snacks that can be found on the streets of Africa. Northern Africa offers tasty treats like Shish Kebabs, Bulgar Pilaf and the seasoned ground meatballs locally known as keftas. Central Africa has the perfect ground nut soup accompanied with warm chapatis to whet your appetite. And do not forgot to try some delicous spicy chicken samosas accompanied with a salty soy dipping sauce.

We finally come to the Americas. Argentina can’t be fully experienced until you have tasted the local empanadas. These mouth-watering treats are often filled with cheese, meat or vegetables held together in a crisp and crusty pastry. Peruvians see their famous Ceviche dish as part of their national heritage. The main ingredient for this treat is raw fish that is marinated in a salt, chilli and lime juice mixture. There are different types of ceviche, but sea bass is the traditional fish that is used along with sweetcorn and sweet potatoes. All in all, it is the perfect dish to accompany your pisco sour.

New York City is a must visit when wanting to get a real feel of North American street food. The world famous packed hot dogs, salty pretzels or juicy kebabs will leave you feeling full and satisfied. If you want the full experience, you can even sign up for a tour of New York's best Street Food.

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