Where to find the best Euro Disney deals

Are you planning a magical holiday away to Disneyland Paris for you and your family? This brilliant resort is easier than ever to visit thanks to some wonderful deals, and the park itself is stuffed to the gills with more attractions than ever before. Let us help you get there for a bright and breezy price as we check out where to find the best Euro Disney deals online.

If you don't have the budget to make the pilgrimage across the Atlantic to Disneyland in the United States, then Disneyland Paris is the perfect antidote for the blues. It offers everything you would expect from a Disney theme park, it is just a little closer to home. One site offering some fantastic bargains on staying at the park right now is Disneyland Paris Direct, and you can check out their full range of deals at http://www.disneylandparisdirect.com/. This site offers some spectacular discounts to people willing to book in advance, with up to 40% off holidays of up to five nights for a group of three. Their bargains are definitely well worth a look!

Another fantastic site for you to check out is the Leisure Direction site at http://www.leisuredirection.co.uk/disney.htm. this site offers a huge range of Disney Land Paris breaks, and they are offering huge discounts right now on their summer 2012 selection including 25% off, Kids go free offers and even free extra nights at Disney approved hotels beside the resort. They carry the full range of Disney hotels on their site, so make sure and keep a regular eye on it to make a saving on your Disney holiday.

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