Where to find the best bargain city breaks: Eastern Europe tops the poll.

If you feel like you need a break but are a little cash-strapped this winter, take a look at the recent Hotel Price Index, which will point you in the direction of Eastern Europe. Emerging hotspot destinations are Hungary and Poland, although the cheapest hotels are in Latvia, with accommodation in the capital, Riga costing around £52, according to website Hotels.com

Tallinn, in Estonia, comes a close second with rooms available for around £54, and as the city is next year’s European Capital of Culture, a New Year trip may well prove not only cheap but interesting too. The beautiful cities of Krakow in Poland and Budapest in Hungary are both in the top five for cheap accommodation, with rooms for around £66 a night, and ever-popular Prague, the medieval capital of the Czech Republic comes sixth with rooms costing around £67, reports the Mail.

Berlin and Lisbon make surprising appearances in eighth and tenth spots respectively, and Dublin and Reykjavik, which previously charged sky-high prices are now in seventh and ninth places. Having almost priced themselves out of the market, you can now get a room in Dublin from £68 and in Reykjavik for £77.

If you’re on a tight budget, forget genteel Geneva, the most expensive city, with hotels costing on average £155, and Monte Carlo where rooms set you back around £152. New York and Moscow are also at the expensive end of the range, with hotels in the Big Apple charging around £152 and Moscow hotels around £151. With many appealing cities offering hotels at well under half this price there are plenty of budget destinations to choose from.

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