Where to find last minute bargain flights to Jamaica

If you’re planning on escaping somewhere where it is warm with sunny beaches, great food, friendly locals and a lively ambience, Jamaica is a possibility. There are many things to do and see on this enchanting Caribbean island. You can even book last minute bargain flights to Jamaica for an unforgettable holiday to this tropical paradise.

Where to find tickets

You probably know there are many websites which offer last minute bargain flights to Jamaica. In fact, the choices can be overwhelming because each site claims to have the cheapest fares available. Here are a few sites that can help you narrow down your choices:

  • Dial a flight (dialaflight.com)

The website offers special fares to Jamaica starting at £727 for a return ticket on economy from Gatwick. The site also advertises they have other low-cost fares which you can obtain when you dial a special number. Flight schedules and carriers are not listed and the site just gives a base price which you can use to compare with other offers. Like most travel portals, it is also possible to book hotels and car hire.

  • Thomson UK (thomson.co.uk)

Thomson offers departures from London’s Gatwick straight to Montego Bay at £808.90, from Birmingham £708.98 and from Manchester, £598.98 for a return flight. Similar to Dial a flight, you also have the option of choosing your hotels once you select a flight from £1400 for a 7-night all-inclusive stay in a resort. Transfer options, seat reservations and luggage fees are available should you need these extras.

  • Last minute (lastminute.com)

Last minute offers package holidays to Jamaica which includes return flights, all-inclusive accommodation, and free transfers if offered by the hotel. The average price for a one week stay at a 5-star accommodation in Montego Bay is roughly £3,100 per person.

Other sites

Finally, there are popular sites such as Expedia, Travel Supermarket and Ebookers where you will find last minute bargain flights to Jamaica. However, bear in mind that it is not always easy to find cheap flights when you buy at the last hour and during peak travel seasons such as Easter and Christmas. If you have the possibility to plan your holidays in advance, book your flights early if you want to get the best prices, dates and seats.

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