Looking for cheap Holiday Villas?

If you’re longing to find a home away from home, somewhere to bask in the sun, or lie by the pool without the formality of a hotel, then holiday villas might just be the answer!

So, how do you go about finding one? Word of mouth is always helpful – if you have friends who can recommend accommodation, that’s ideal. But the most common route to finding your perfect holiday pad is by searching online.

There are some websites which specialise in Holiday Villas. We found two companies with very good sites which were easy to use.

  • HomeAway Holiday Rentals – This website is currently advertising more than 230,000 self-catering homes all over the world including 38,000 villas. You can choose your continents, or specific countries using the search tool. Refine the search by selecting maximum rent, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The menu helpfully includes categories such as pet friendly, or suitable for the elderly and infirm. You can even pick a place with a dishwasher and barbeque.
  • Villarama – A straightforward website advertising villas to rent in more than 10 countries including Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, France, Italy and the USA. Simply click on any name, where you will find some information on the local history, landscape, culture and climate of that country. Keep scrolling down to access an interactive map and list of available properties, along with their prices. From time to time, the adverts will also indicate whether the villa is for sale – so you could always make an offer if you fall in love with the villa during your holiday!

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