Where to eat in Vienna.

It’s impossible to take a trip to Vienna and not stop somewhere grand for coffee and cake. And where better to experience the typical Viennese coffee house atmosphere than at Café Sacher in the Hotel Sacher (www.sacher.com). Home to the world’s most famous chocolate cake, the Original Sacher-Torte was first whipped up and served in 1832. If you want to branch out, the spanking new café-cum-restaurant Orlando di Castello offers a more contemporary style and also serves exquisite cakes, reports the New Zealand Herald. The petal-topped macaroon with fresh raspberries, lychees and a rosewater and lime mousse, may not satisfy the chocoholics, but it’s quite heavenly.

For something more substantial, try the recently opened but already trendy Motto am Fluss which is located on two floors of the new boat terminal for the high-speed catamaran linking Vienna and Bratislava. There’s a cafe upstairs and a smart restaurant and shop below decks. The tables have individual toasters for customers to warm the cafe's freshly baked bread when they're ready to eat. If you’re in Vienna at the weekend, order the Sunday roast; it’s what everyone raves about. And for dessert? Try the Motto am Fluss ‘Schlachertorte’, named after the company's owner (using the Sacher name is not allowed). It’s a moister version of Vienna's most famous cake.

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