Where to buy a holiday home in Ireland using mortgage facilities

Considering purchasing a vacation property in Ireland and using mortgage facilities? Have a look at Mortgages (mortgages.ie) where you can get a glimpse of the property market. If you are planning to buy a 3-bedroom house in West Dublin that costs €99,000, use its loan calculator on the site to get a feel of the situation. Try to enter realistic loan to property value (LPV) amounts that you want to borrow to get results.

For a 20-year mortgage, expect to pay €341.54 per month at an initial interest rate of 3.29%. The rest of the table will show you all the details that you need to know as basis for decision including repayments of interest charges. Compare the rates that vary across each type of lender such as AIB, ICS, Haven and KBC for a long-term loan.

Try AIB (aib.ie) that also offers mortgages for first time buyers, 'owner occupied mortgage' and 'residential buy-to-let mortgage'. For more information, fill out the web inquiry form or have them call you back for a chat.

Now that you have an overview of the repayment calculation, check around to see property listings. Have a look at Daft (daft.ie) that has homes for sale all over Ireland. Choose from a 4-bedroom to 3-bedroom house in West Dublin for €274,950.

Ponder commuter towns in Dublin and go for a 2-bedroom apartment in Harbour View, Maynooth for €125,000. A new construction, this may be all you need as a second home. It is well connected to Dublin with trains and buses.

Consider a €165,000 semi-detached abode in Killarney in Kerry country. Close to Killarney lakes, enjoy long walks on the scenic coasts during vacations or revisit attractions such as Ross Castle, the Black Valley, and Killarney National Park.

Check My Home (myhome.ie) for additional choices. Buy a one-bedroom cottage in Kilkenny for only €35,000 or a detached house with 3 sleeping rooms in Tipperary for €99,500.

Whether it's to buy a home for the first time or to purchase a vacation property in Ireland using mortgage schemes, there are enough options available. It is a matter of shopping around for the best rates and finding a decent asset to buy at reasonable prices. Invest in a second home for holidays and make money off it by leasing it out when not using the place.

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