Where is Santa Village and what to do there

For families with children or adults that are young at heart, heading to Santa Village might be the perfect Christmas holiday. Here are some of the fun activities to do in the village.

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Santa Claus Village is at the polar circle in Rovaniemi, Finland. It is only 5 minutes away from the airport making it an easy trip for families.

Children can spend a short time with Father Christmas himself in the Village, but it will cost a pretty pound. You will receive a video and 2 photos for £40 and plenty of great memories. If taking a photo with him doesn’t sound appealing, visitors can always visit one of the many souvenir shops and purchase christmas presents.

There is also a post office where visitors can send postcards to friends and families. It even comes with an Arctic Circle seal.

Families can snuggle up together on a reindeer sleigh ride or huskie ride enjoying the white trees and fresh air. Adults may also enjoy taking a snowmobile for a spin or trying out ice fishing.


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