What's on in Valladolid this autumn?

Valladolid’s prestigious International Film Festival is taking place from the 22nd to the 29th of October this year. The festival is now in its 56th year and has gained a reputation for showing quality, innovative, artistic films to a ‘right on’ audience.

In the past, the festival introduced Spanish audiences to directors such as Ken Loach and Abba Kiarostami, amongst others, and this year the focus is on recent Swedish film. The week-long festival takes place in the Teatro Calderón (Calle Leopoldo Cana www.seminci.es) and documentaries and short films will also be shown and you’ll have the opportunity to sit in on round table discussions.

Valladolid is a historic city in central Spain and was the residence of the Kings of Castile and the capital of the Kingdom of Spain until the 16th century. Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand of Aragon were married there and in Christopher Columbus died in Valladolid in a house which is now a Museum dedicated to him, so there’s plenty to see.

Ryanair flies to Valladolid from London Stansted airport, so if you’re into cinema and are looking for a focus for a reasonably priced autumn weekend break, this could be for you.

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