What’s on in Dresden?

Dresden, the capital of Saxony, has undergone a miraculous revival after being notoriously flattened by the Allied bombing in February 1945. Most of the costly historic renovations of the city’s reconstructed old town are now finished and in autumn of this year a large new Military History Museum is set to open. An imposing glass and steel extension by the architect Daniel Libeskind has been added to the existing 19th-century building featuring a 100-foot-high platform with panoramic views of the city. The floor will be poignantly paved with stones recovered from foreign cities that Germany bombed during the Second World War, as well as from Dresden itself.

Dresden, boasting 55 galleries and 44 museums, is a city which celebrates culture. Not to be missed by lovers of classical music, is the city’s yearly Music Festival, held for two and a half weeks at the end of May/early June. It attracts more than 150,000 visitors from all over the world and hosts 80 events in palaces, gardens, theatres and cathedrals with big name international soloists and orchestras performing.

The fun continues throughout the summer, with the August Dresden City Festival offering musical treats for the whole family as well as games and sports activities. And on the 16th of July, the Schloss Albrechtsberg, Lingnerschloss and Schloss Eckberg palaces open their doors and grounds to the public. Numerous stages offer cultural highlights and plenty of entertainment.

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