What’s new on the London hotel scene?

‘Location, location’, as the saying goes, and indeed if you can afford to splurge, it’s not only convenient but seriously cool to stay slap bang in the city centre. So if you’re looking to enjoy luxury next time you’re in town, choose from one of London’s new landmark hotels and be amongst their first guests.

What could be more prestigious than staying in Whitehall Place, home to three government ministries? The Corinthia Hotel London (www.corinthia.com) allows you to do just that and also boasts the city’s largest Spa which covers four floors! It also has the capital’s largest Royal Suite for the rich and famous.

Or if you’re more of a Leicester Square/Chinatown type, try the St John Hotel (www.stjohnhotel.com). With just 15 rooms it’s smaller but just as tasteful and is the baby of chef Fergus Henderson; it’s restaurant serves wonderful food around the clock.

Alternatively if you prefer something leafy, the Waldorf Astoria London Syon Park (www.walldorfasturia.com) is conveniently located between Heathrow airport and the West End and offers 137 rooms and suites.

And finally, the Marriot St Pancras Renaissance Hotel (www.marriot.co.uk) is housed in the amazing gothic building that has the railway terminus as its backdrop. The hotel has 245 rooms and a big attraction must be its restaurant which is run by the famous Michelin starred chef Marcus Wareing.

So next time you’re in town, if you’re looking to impress and are prepared to dip into your wallet, choose from one of the above landmark London hotels!

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