What’s new on the hotel scene in Lyon, France?

It’s so easy these days to take a weekend break, with a host of short hop budget flights available and plenty of hotel comparison websites to help you find a cheap hotel for a couple of nights. However it’s not always easy to find a good value hotel, so we’d like to add one to your list.

If you’re thinking about a trip to France, why not visit Lyon? The 11th Biennial Contemporary Arts Festival is in full swing, winding up on the 31st of December and The Festival of Light will take place from the 8th until the 11th of December. Lyon’s old historic centre is a UNESCO world heritage site and there are plenty of museums and monuments to keep you busy.

Stay at the newly opened All Season Part Dieu designer hotel, which has been extensively refurbished. Located in the heart of the Lyons business quarter and close to the historic city centre, the hotel offers 99 rooms from €67 per night and 6 suites, all with cool contemporary décor, air conditioning and soundproofing to keep out the city buzz while you sleep. Breakfast and unlimited WIFI are included in the price.

Book this hotel at all-seasons-hotels.com. Easy Jet (easyjet.com) flies to Lyon from Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and London’s Stansted and Gatwick airports.

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