What’s new on Easy jet?

Easy jet has just announced its new ‘Flexi’ fares system, which allows you to change your dates for free for a period of up to four weeks. During this period you can change your dates as many times as you need with no penalty and the fare also includes one piece of hold luggage, one piece of hand luggage and automatic Speedy Boarding. You can book flexi fares either at business travel agents or on line at www.easyJet.com. When you choose your flight on line, you are now offered two fare options, standard and flexi and it’s very quick and easy to compare prices.

Sounds good, but is it worth it? We chose a random return flight from Asturias, northern Spain, to London Stansted with an outward journey at the end of June, returning mid July and there was a significant hike in the price. The standard fare for the outbound flight was €227.99 with the return flight at €91.42, whereas the flexi flight price came in at €527,99 outbound and €542,42 return. That’s a huge difference of €751 which would easily pay for a week’s hotel!

It also seems that there’s no more on offer with the Easy Jet flexi fare system than what a full service airline gives you anyway. So be sure to compare prices before choosing the Easy Jet flexi option.

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