What’s new in Denmark’s Legoland?

Billund’s Legoland Park has recently been cited as ‘Lego Heaven’ by BBC Travel and indeed its detailed attractions, made up of 59 million lego bricks, are simply jaw-dropping!

Enjoy old favourites such as Miniland, created of miniature cities and famous places including the Kennedy Space Centre, the Bergen waterfront and a Scottish castle and loch. You can actually take a miniboat trip past the Statue of Liberty, the Acropolis, and more and there’s a mini-jeep safari through an African wildlife park for kids with lions, zebras and giraffes built from Lego.

There are eight different worlds to explore and now there’s a fabulous new Star Wars area, introduced this year, showcasing seven scenes from the films. But this is your last chance to visit in 2011 as the park closes from the end of October until April. Visit legolandholidays.dk for more details.

Ryanair currently flies to Billund from fourteen European airports, including Edinburgh and London Stansted, and there are a number of hotels, from two to four stars, nearby where you can spend the night. Book through Expedia or your favourite on-line booking site to get up to 25% discount.

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