What's in Wales? Why cheese of course

'I went to Walesfor the Cheese.' Now there’s a sentence you don’t hear very often - but then in the current economic blah-de-blah, one has to do something for kicks.....

Cardiff Castle is the self-proclaimed "focal point of the cheese lovers' calendar". It showcases a mind-boggling 400 British and Irish sheep, cow, goat and buffalo cheeses, including the winners of the British Cheese Awards, which are held on 25 September.

A cunning plan to drink more wine ,act pretentious and wear more tweed, would include going the whole hog and signing up for the masterclasses, which take place at the School of Big Cheeses, made up of the Apprentices' Hall, for "wannabe experts", and the Dragon's Den, for "serious fanatics". Cheesed out? Never.

If you want to skip the dairy products after a while and replace them with some Hebridean Liquer then Jolyons Boutique Hotel is the place to do it. The rooms are lavishly furnished to say the least.

Now, someone please pass the Andrews.

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