What’s happening on the hotel scene in Hyderabad, India

Historically, Hyderabad, in Anhra Pradesh southern India, with its sultans’ palaces and mosques, has long since been associated with wealth from its diamond trade. Recently the city has become one of the major hubs for the information technology industry in India, earning it the sobriquet ‘Cyberabad’, and smart new cafés and restaurants have been springing up. However, as the capital of a border region between North and South India, Hyderabad has a unique culture that is reflected in its architecture, blending the old with the new.

Lovers of modern luxury hotels will be impressed by two new five-star hotels, both connected to the Nizam family, who ruled Hyderabad for the two centuries before India’s independence, reports the New York times. The Park Hyderabad, sports a futuristic aluminum and glass facade and is designed by architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Its façade is inspired by the settings and metalwork from the Nizams’ jewelry collection. In contrast, the new European-style Taj Falaknuma Palace, which still belongs to the Nizam family, reflects the dynastic grandeur of the past, and it took the Taj Hotels group 10 years to renovate it.

There are 222 luxury rooms, 22 halls, a billiard room, a smoking room and a huge dining room, all beautifully decorated with arches, upholstery, gilded works and state of the art furniture. The reception room is the major highlight of the palace with gilded decors and frescos, the 40 Venetian chandeliers are also a major attraction and the collections of jade articles in the palace are only one of its kinds in the world.

British Airways flies to Hyderabad direct from London and October to March is the ideal time to go.

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