What’s happening on the 29th April 2011? Book now to be close to the event of the decade.

No sooner had the happy couple announced the date of their wedding, than royalists started to think about how they could get a look at what will possibly be the event of the decade, the most important British Royal Wedding in 30 years. Prince William’s not unexpected engagement to Kate Middleton, has proved that the college romance, with its ups and downs has finally blossomed into a full blown commitment and the media will no longer be dubbing the future princess ‘Waitey Katie’.

For many the prospect of a royal wedding comes as good news at this time of economic uncertainty and David Cameron is hoping that it will be a ‘great moment for national celebration’ that will bring back the feel good factor and unite the country. But if Cameron, as he claims, camped out on the street the night before Charles and Diana spectacularly tied the knot, with a little planning, you can be at the heart of the action without the discomfort.

Octopus Travel, (octopustravel.com) have selected a number of London hotels which are a stone’s throw from Westminster Abbey, where the poised bride will marry her prince. Try the four-star Park Plaza Riverbank on the Albert Embankment from where you can rush to secure your place at the barriers, or push the boat out and stay at the five-star Rocco Forte Brown’s Hotel on Albemarle Street in Mayfair. If you want something more economical, try the two-star Carlton Hotel on the Belgrave Road. Prices start from just £68 and the hotel is within walking distance of the Abbey. Or use the site’s quick search box to find something to suit. Book now and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

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