What’s happening in the Chilean capital, Santiago?

If, in the past, Santiago was known for being the most European of the Latin American cities and a lot more orderly than some of its neighbouring counterparts, today the order continues but the city has enthusiastically embraced modern culture. New museums, smart hotels and swanky restaurants have sprung up, giving the city a buzz that it previously lacked.

Tourism is on the up, so if you’re planning to be there in April, the 20-year-old American music festival Lollapalooza picked Santiago as the first foreign city to host this event, because of the variety of cultural on offer and because the locals love contemporary music. The festival is taking place in O’Higgins Park, reports the New York Times. This vibrant musical scene is in part a result of the government’s investment in the arts. The new futuristic designed Centro Gabriela Mistral offers numerous concerts, dance performances, plays and art exhibits.

The Museo de la Moda, housed in a revamped 1960s Modernist mansion, is also worth a visit. Home to nearly 10,000 pieces of couture and memorabilia, there are numerous items symbolic of an age to see, including a light-blue jacket worn in 1966 by John Lennon and a black strapless gown worn in 1981 by Diana, Princess of Wales.

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