What you need to know about airport travellers’ lounges.

If your flight has been delayed and you’re stuck at the airport along with lots of other frustrated travellers, you may be asking yourself if your only options are one of the impersonal, not too inviting expensive snack bars or a hard seat in the crowded departure lounge.

You may or may not know that there is one other: the ‘common use’ travellers’ lounges which are available at most UK airports whichever airline you’re flying with and whatever type of ticket you have, reports the Daily Mail.

You need to work out if it’s worth the fee, which ranges from £16 to £20 per person if you pre-book. Some lounges charge up to £5 extra if you pay at the door. Frequent flyers should check www.prioritypass.com or www.airportangel.co.uk, which offer access to airport lounges worldwide for annual fees.

For your money you get on tap drinks (including alcohol) and snacks, newspapers and magazines, free internet access (normally) and some lounges have board games and, for example, a pool table. And last but not least, you get a stylish place to chill out and avoid the crush.

Some lounges, for example, Servisair's Ashdown lounge in Gatwick South, do not admit children under 12. Use of a lounge is normally for three hours with the option of paying extra to stay longer, although there’s a certain amount of flexibility if the lounge is not too crowded.

Booking options include www.no1traveller.com, Servisair (www.executive lounges.com), and Holiday Extras (www.holidayextras.co.uk) for the UK and Lounge Pass (www.loungepass.com) and www.gosimply.com for options abroad.

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