What would you do with 3 days in NYC?

Day 1: Head down to the River Walk, which runs along the East River - with a book. You also might visit one of the nearby galleries such as Neuegalerie (East 86th Street and 5th Avenue which has an amazing collection of German and Austrian expressionist works.

Day 2: 'Clothes', you say? BrooklynIndustries (four branches in Manhattan) has stylish clothing at really good prices. So, you’ve exercised and got the new clobber – time to go out and show it off.

Day 3: Straight for Alphabet City in the East Village. The Library Bar (E 1st Street and Avenue A) and Motor City Bar (Ludlow and Rivington for starters - they can both get a bit crowded and noisy but they're really unpretentious and the music at Motor City is always great.

If you want something a little bit different – you are in NYC after all, then check out some of the top class open-mic nights, they’re all free and are a free-for-all - which can be a dangerous thing – but if that gives you a taste for more avant-garde stuff, visit the BoweryPoetryClub (308 Bowery and Houston), a performance space dedicated to the spoken word which also hosts local bands and musicians.

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