What to visit in Glasgow

Glasgow has plenty to offer visitors across a broad range of tastes. Whether you are a history buff, an architecture aficionado or a football fanatic then you will have a ball in one Scotland's most intriguing cities. Let's take a look at some of the highlights on the menu in Glasgow.

    Michael Hanselmann - Wikimedia

The University of Glasgow is well worth a visit for an amble around the campus grounds. It is also the site of the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery where William Hunter provided his vast collection as well as the money to construct the museum to house it.

St. Andrews cathedral, built way back in 1814, is worth a visit for its' spectacular gothic architecture which has been restored to past glories in recent times. There is some stunning artwork on display inside the church and a beautiful little cloister garden to check out too.

Glasgow Science Centre features a science mall with interactive workshops, hundreds of exhibits, science labs and a huge planetarium. The centre also boasts an IMAX theatre and a tower that rotates 360 degrees and provides a pretty unique way of experiencing amazing views of the city.

If you manage to hit Glasgow during the football season then you should definitely make it your business to get to an Old Firm derby. Celtic versus Rangers is one of the spiciest rivalries in any sport in the world and the atmosphere will send shivers down your spine as thousands of Glaswegians pray for a result that will sustain them through bragging rights until the next Old Firm clash.

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