What to See in Vienna

Vienna represents a real treat for travellers looking to mix culture with a fun time. There are so many historic sights to take in by day that you will be left feeling like you achieved so much as you relax and enjoy the nightlife. Let's take a look at some unmissable things to see.

    Karlskirche - Wikimedia


First on the Vienna hit-list should be Karlskirche cathedral, aka St. Charles Church, in the heart of Vienna. This gorgeous Baroque church has some stunning frescoes by Michael Rottmeyr which are famous around the world. Building began way back in 1715 and was completed in 1737 and the building remains in pristine condition today.

Museum of Natural History

Boasting a jaw-dropping 20 million items, Vienna's Museum of Natural History is one of the premier museums on the continent. You will not be able to be believe the variety on show and you will have to decide how to split your time between the Meteorite room(over 1,000 rocks that have fallen to earth from space), the Dinosaur hall(with fossils, skeletons and real-size models of prehistoric creatures) and the Gem Hall

Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace was the official summer residence of the Emperor Ferdinand II and his wife. The palace certainly doesn't hold back in it's grandiosity with crystal chandeliers and gold leaf trimmings galore. This place will fill you with wonder and you can even take a stroll though the Labyrinth in the gardens on your visit.

The Danube Tower

Standing at 252m high, the Danube Tower is probably the most recognisable landmark in Vienna and it is a very unique experience. Serviced by 2 glass elevators, you get zoomed up to the top deck in about 40 seconds and every metre you ascend, the views of the city get more spectacular. The deck itself is also glass meaning that you have unobstructed views and if you are feeling peckish you can hit the cafe or the rotating restaurant up top.

Schönbrunn Zoo

Last, but not least is Schönbrunn Zoo for a fun day out. This zoo has been named the best zoo in Europe on a number of occasions and the sheer number of animals on show confirms that those accolades were deserved. It is also where the first ever baby African Elephant was born in captivity way back in 1906. The zoo is home to over 500 different species including a number of rare species.

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