What to see at the Louvre Museum

No visit to Paris can be considered complete without a day trip to the Louvre. And trust us, you will need a whole day to navigate this epic museum. The most important question you need to ask yourself before you go though is what exactly do you need to see?

    Benh LIEU SONG - Wikimedia

Mona Lisa

We will start with the most blatantly obvious piece on the list - the Mona Lisa. Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece takes pride of place as the museums number one exhibit so be prepared to fight for your right to get up close and personal with the painting. The crowds are always large here and they can get pretty feisty.

Venus de Milo

Next up is the Venus de Milo sculpture which dates from around 100 BC. Like the Mona Lisa this incredible marble sculpture, which is believed to depict the Greek goddess of love and beauty herself Aphrodite, is on permanent display at the Louvre and also gathers large crowds at all times.

Madonna of the Rocks

Another of da Vinci's works, the Madonna of the Rocks cannot be skipped. This painting showcases the painter's technical skills on a much greater scale than the Mona Lisa does. Also known as the Virgin of the Rocks, he depicts the Virgin Mary, an infant Jesus as well as an infant John the Baptist and there are actually two versions of the piece. The other one can be seen in the National Gallery in London.

Liberty Leading the People

And while in Paris it would be a crime not to make your way to see Eugene Delacroix by Eugene Delacroix. This masterful painting depicts Parisians taking up arms and proudly flying the French Tricolour as they go along. A fun fact from the illustration, the boy triumphantly holding his gun in the air on the right of the image is believed to have inspired Victor Hugo in his writing of the iconic Les Miserables character Gavroche.

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