What to see and do near Bunol in Spain

Bunol is a lovely little town a short skip and a jump away from the city of Valencia and is perhaps best known for the iconic La Tomatina food fight festival. However, for the remainder of the year, is it worth visiting Bunol?

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Where is Bunol?

Bunol is just under 40km from Valencia and is very easy to get to via public transportation. While the tomato food fight festival is the first thing to be associated with Bunol, this quaint little town is a bit of a gem for those interested in history.

There are a number of old buildings such as the 13th century castle, Castillo de Buñol, perched high on a hill and buried among an old town full of buildings. You can wander here for hours taking in the past as well as visit El Salvador church is home to Bunol's archaeological museum which packs in many a century of treats.

The town itself has a number of beautiful fountains on show and make sure you check out the local parks. There are dozens of local cafes and beautiful restaurants to choose from in the town whenever you feel like a little break and many of the streets boast beautiful cobblestones which offer an opportunity for some iconic photographs.

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Close to Bunol you can visit an imposing 60m waterfall at Turche Cave while Alta cave is also worth a visit. It is a mountainous region around the town itself so definitely add your hiking boots to the packing list and get out and experience some amazing nature.

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