What to do on your Spain holiday

On your Spain holiday, you’ll have a hard time figuring out what to do first, with its lots of tourist attractions and fun activities. So if you’re having a hard time deciding, we’ll help you make the right choice through this travel guide.

Spain is especially famous for its beautiful beaches, so take time to explore the best of the best Spain beaches around. Experience heaven on earth at Cies Islands in Galicia, which is also dubbed as “the Islands of the Gods”; here, you’ll get to bask in tranquillity against an amazing backdrop of clear turquoise waters and white fine sand. For the 1st-rate coasts in Spain, head to the beaches in Balearic Islands, Andalusia, Asturias, Region of Valencia, Catalonia, and Murcia; beaches in such areas have received the Q award, which ultimately stands for quality.

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What’s a Spain holiday without food? Sample local favourites such as potato omelette and tapas, which are popular items in Spain’s bars and restaurants. Complete your food-binging fest by taking a wine route. Join the Wine Routes of the Spanish Association of Wine-Producing Towns and Cities as they visit Spain’s wine-growing regions; discover how wine is made, have a few tastes of various kinds of wine, and indulge in a meal that perfectly combines food and wine.

After soaking up Spanish culture through food, learn more about Spain by visiting the World Heritage cities. Make your first stop at Madrid, where you’ll find the first university town, Alcala de Henares. If you want to see Romanesque monuments, drop by Segovia and see the Aqueduct, a UNESCO World Heritage site that’ll take your breath away. For a sight of buildings, mansions, and cathedrals, visit the town of Salamanca, where the famous Plaza Mayor Square is located.

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