What to do in Vienna.

Vienna, named the world's most habitable city in a survey by global consultancy Mercer earlier this year, is not only a great place to live but, as one of Europe’s best cultural hubs, is also a chic tourist destination. Apart from the great restaurants, cultural events and grandiose Habsburg Empire architecture, we suggest the following more off beat things to see, taken from a list in the New Zealand Herald.

Don’t get depressed by the thought of a visit to the city’s Central Cemetery. With such luminaries as Beethoven, Strauss, Schubert and Brahms buried there, it’s an acceptable thing to do and newly launched English language audio-tours are now available at a cost of €7. Take the number 6 or 71 tram from the city centre. The journey takes around 20 minutes.

Experience for yourself the gentrification of Vienna's up-and-coming Second District, known as Leopoldstadt since Leopold I expelled the area's Jews in 1669-1670. Once a neglected and deprived area, the extension of the U2 metro line has brought new life to the district. Visit the lively, age-old Karmelitermarkt (food market) and lunch or dine at the fashionable Skopik & Lohn restaurant, which has just opened an extra room and serves French and Austrian favourite dishes. Take a look at what’s on at Fluc, a creative space based in a former pedestrian tunnel which houses contemporary art and music events.

Easy Jet have low cost flights to Vienna from London, so book now and take advantage of your trip to visit the wonderfully atmospheric Christmas markets (pictured).

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