What to do in Rome after a day’s sightseeing.

If you’re booked to go to Rome and want to take advantage of every single moment, here’s a low down on venues for concerts, cinema and talks that you might like to go to after an intense day’s sightseeing and after a wonderful supper.

Rome is one of Europe’s greats when it comes to music so head for the Teatro Olimpico in Piazza Gentile de Fabiano 17, as a vibrant season of innovative performances kicks off with a host of talented musicians. It’s also where you can hear the Rome Philarmonic Orchestra play.

If you like to get your kicks at the flicks but don’t know Italian, try one of the un-dubbed films at cinemas with authentic audio. The most central is the Nuovo Olimpia on 16 Via Lucina or try the Alcazar in Via Merry del Val 14.

You can listen in on fellows of the American Academy’s lectures and see their photography and literature at the Academy’s beautiful Villa Aurelia building on 5 Via Angelo Masina (www.aarome.org), or have a night at the opera in the awe-dropping Teatro dell’Opera in Piazza Gigli (www.roma.it). If you prefer big-name modern singers, try the Palalottomatica Auditorium in the Piazzale dello Sport, EUR.

So whether you’re into pop, classical music or cinema there’ll be something to keep you entertained in the eternal city.

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