What to do in Amsterdam in One Day

Amsterdam is a bustling city with the population of over 820,000 and many tourists on top of that. It has often been ranked as one of the top tourist cities to visit in the world, but if you only have one day to explore it here are some great activities to do in that short time span.

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Amsterdam is known for being home to the world renown Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art. If this is the reason that you came to Amsterdam than your day will fly by just by wandering around galleries and taking in the magnificent art. Each of these museums deserve a few hours at least which won’t lead to much time exploring other parts of the city.

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You can still get your museum fix though without having to commit too much time. The Anne Frank Museumdoes not take that long to walk through, especially if you arrive early in the morning or book tickets online to avoid waiting in line.

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Red Light District

The Red Light District is interesting during the day but transforms and comes to life at night. It is what Amsterdam is most often associated with and is definitely worth at least walking through.

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Exploring the City

If you want to spend the day seeing the streets of Amsterdam, head to the Albert Cuyp Markt in De Pijp where you can see residents buying local groceries. Or check out the Flower Market, Bloemenmarkt, for their vast array of tulips. There is also the Noordemarkt farmers market in the Jordaan that won’t disappoint.

If markets aren’t your thing, rent a bike and travel around Amsterdam at your leisure. Walk along the 400 year old canal, or if you are there during the winter, grab a pair of skates and join others skating on the canal.

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