What to do and see in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a unique tourist destination with many activities to take part in. Known as the northern Pillar of Hercules, the Rock of Gibraltar is one of the most popular places to visit with the southern pillar being a disputed North African peak.

    Hlohning - Wikimedia

The Gibraltar Nature Reserve is home to many natural history sites. You can enter the reserve through either Jews Gate, Moorish Castle or by cable car. St. Michael's Cave is a maze of limestone caves covered in stalagmites and stalactites that is well worth checking out. The Cathedral Cave chambers there is also used as auditorium that can seat over 100 people.

Archaeology buffs will want to check out Forbes' Quarry as it is a popular site on the Rock. While the place was being quarried in the late 19th century, there was a limestone cave that was discovered along with the skull of an adult female Neanderthal. In 1926, another big discovery uncovered a Neanderthal child on a dig near the Quarry.

The Great Siege Tunnels were dug out with sledgehammers, crowbars and gunpowder by the British towards the end of the 18th Revolutionary War. You can learn more about the history of Gibraltar by visiting the tunnels. Besides the Rock there are many other activities to do. Gibraltar has a beautiful Botanical Garden known as The Alameda which is a great place to relax and enjoy natures beauty. This is located on the outskirts of town so it does take some planning, but once you are there it is free entrance.

There are loads of free things to do as well once you know where to look. For those that practice yoga or would like to try it out, join the Hindu Community at the Integral Yoga Center where you can practice for free or make a donation. If you can make it work, try being in Gibraltar on September 10th, their National Day. Gibraltarian's tend to be extremely patriotic so there will definitely be a good time had by all.

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