What NOT to wear on holiday

British holiday-makers have always carefully contemplated what clothing to take with them before they make that once a year stress-free vacation. For hot countries, maxi-dresses provide comfort and protection from the heat whilst various wrap-around sunglasses provide the right level of UVA and UVB protection in snowier climes. Fashion and function can be found together but not for these motley items, says Fashion journalist Louise Roe, the Daily Mail reports:


Already dividing the people of Britain into two camps: those who dare and those who would never wear, Crocs are undeniably seen as useful for wading in water and avoiding nasties lurking below the surface. These 'colourful rubber clogs that have an A-list celebrity following including the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones to Jack Nicholson, came fourth' on the top-ten worst items and should be avoided.


As the eighties continues to hold the fashion crowd in its thrall, dedicated followers are divided as to whether the undeniably useful front-facing hold-all is a keeper. 'Despite designer Marc Jacobs turning it into this season's must-have accessory and Rihanna being a convert, Brits put it into their holiday hall of shame.'

Ankle socks (with heels)

'Despite being seen on the catwalk many times this year, ankle socks with heels - the modern twist on socks and sandals - came second in the ditch list.' If in doubt, stick to ballet pumps or sandals - you can never go wrong with sensible footwear.

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