What do Chemtrails contain?

Have you ever looked up into the sky and wondered what those white streaks were and how they got there? Well wonder no more. Those white clouds are known as contrails which are left behind airplanes but are not the same as the controversial chemtrails. Here is a closer look into what chemtrails are and how they differ from contrails.

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Let’s first take a closer look at contrails, or condensation trails to give them their full title. When jet engines are in the air, they release fuel which contains a mixture of hot air and carbon dioxide. This then mixes with the cold atmosphere and low vapour pressure that results in condensation that rapidly changes into water droplets and then ice.

The amount of time that the trail lingers in the atmosphere depends on the weather conditions. When there are cirrus cloud formations, there is more moisture in the atmosphere meaning that the trails will then linger longer in the sky. Drier atmospheres tend to see the trails dissipate much more quickly.

There are many though conspiracy theorists though that believe that these engine trails are not as innocent as that though and this is where the idea of chemtrails comes from. Many claim that certain chemicals are being released from airplanes on behalf of governments and these chemicals are responsible for the trails we see in the sky. Nitrogen oxides, sulfate particles, carbon dioxide, soot, radioactive thorium, nickel and yellow fungal mycotoxins have all been proposed by theorists as being the offending chemicals.

Why would the government intentionally spread dangerous chemicals in the atmosphere? Again, conspiracy theorists reasons vary on this. Some say it is for population control, others, an inoculation program where they can be used as chemical and biological weapons and others still say it is for weather modification for defense purposes. Strong scientific proof to hold any of these assumptions as true though have yet to be put forward so for now at least, chemtrails must remain as a conspiracy theory.

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