What to see in Rabat.

There are some modern exciting architectural plans afoot for the Moroccan capital, many in the capable hands of ‘starchitects’ Foster Brothers and Zaha Hadid, which will soon make it a modern must-visit destination. In the meantime, there’s plenty to see in this historic city, to keep you entertained. Rabat was founded in 1150 by the Almohads, but the Spanish Andalusians and the French have also left their mark.

Visit the 12th century Kasbah of the Udayas, which was rebuilt in the 17th century by the Spanish ‘Moriscos’. It houses the city’s oldest Mosque along with the Palace of the Udayas which is now the National Museum of Moroccan Arts. The old signals platform offers fabulous views of the city’s river, the Bouregreg, and the Medina of Salé.

Rabat’s Medina contains the Great Mosque and the souk Es Sabat, where you can buy shoes and craftwork. A must see is also Hassan Tower and the spectacular marble and onyx Mausoleum of Mohammed V, on an esplanade with hundreds of marble columns and an unfinished minaret. There are also Roman ruins to visit at the Necropolis of Chellah, cemetery for many years of the Moroccan monarchs.

Back in the present, if you’re looking for shops, Mohammed V Avenue is where you’ll find the luxury stores, restaurants and hotels, and the Agdal students area has some trendy eateries serving international cuisine. Enjoy!

Air France flies to Rabat from London from £336.

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