What’s on in Rome?

Rome is a fascinating city at any time of year but really comes alive in the summer months with evening concerts, ballet and cinema, all in the great outdoors! There are a host of activities and events to keep you entertained in the cool of the night, but the haunting, fabulous Baths of Caraccala make a truly must-stop venue this month, providing the perfect backdrop for a night at the opera.

Puccini’s Tosca starts off the season on the on the 21st of July and will also be performed in the stunning Castel Sant’Angelo. Prior to this date, ballet lovers can enjoy performances of Tchailovsky’s classic Swan Lake until the 20th of this month, when the opera takes over.

Performances start at 9 or 9.30 p.m so head for 52 Terme di Caracalla with your ticket in hand. Prices start at €25 and can be purchased on line at www.operaroma.it where you can also find more information about what’s on.

Easy Jet flies to Rome from Bristol and London’s Gatwick and Luton airports and Ryanair from East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool and London Gatwick and Stansted airports. So book a flight and head for the eternal city!

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