The best whale watching locations for your Scotland holidays

Where are the best places to whale watch during my Scotland holiday?

Whale watching Scotland holidays are guaranteed to provide you with memorable sights of these majestic mammals. Scotland is surrounded by the type of environment favoured by many whales – extremely cold seawater!

Surrounding the Scottish mainland are almost 800 islands, ranging from the Orkneys and Shetlands to the north, to the Western Isles. There are therefore numerous inlets and bays where various species of whales and their more diminutive cousins, the dolphins and porpoises, can be found.

The Scottish seas, from the North Sea to the east, to the wild expanses of the Atlantic Ocean to the west, provide whales with salmon, cod, flatfish and herrings. The top predators, orcas, will eat larger prey. Orcas have been seen cruising along the River Forth, by Edinburgh, attracted by the large seal colonies.

Whales can be seen right across Scotland’s western seaboard, from Oban to Barra, particularly in spring and summer.

Which whale species can be watched during my holiday in Scotland?

Scotland’s most commonly encountered species is the minke. These feed with baleen plates, preying on sand eels. They can reach 10 metres in length and are particularly abundant around the Hebrides.The Moray Firth, to the north of Inverness, is home to dolphins and porpoises. These attract pods (family groups) of orcas.

What facilities exist for watching Scottish whales?

As whale watching scotland holidays have become an increasingly popular tourist attraction, you’ll have no trouble locating boats that can be chartered for excursions. Some have upper decks to allow greater vantage points (and excellent photographs).

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