Whale watching in Mexico.

From abseiling to white water rafting, there are currently so many adventure holidays on offer that there is no excuse for booking a boring break. But if all this activity seems a little frantic you can return home with some cool holiday snaps, keep the kudos, but save on effort by sitting back and whale watching.

Entrenched couch potatoes can opt for in-room whale watching at the ‘One & Only Palmilla’ resort in Los Cabos, Mexico (www.palmilla.com), where all rooms and suites have telescopes for viewing the whales spouting and swimming in the emerald waters of the Sea of Cortés.

Gray whales return to the warm waters off the Baja California Peninsula from January to late March every year, migrating 6000 miles from Alaska and Siberia to give birth and you can watch them teach their young how to swim in the shallow waters there.

In fact the narrow sea is home to a unique ecosystem, hosting many migratory species (the Humpback Whale, Killer Whale and the world’s largest animal, the Blue Whale) as well as resident populations of whales that do not migrate.

Many companies offer whale watching daily excursions and multiday cruises in the area, which is a magnet for all kinds of fishing activities, so you can get a close-up of the whales in graceful action. It’s a fascinating pastime.

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