Which is the world’s coolest nation and when should you go?

The US recently came top in a survey by Badoo, a social networking site largely used by non-Americans, which asked around 30,000 users to rate the world's coolest nation. It seems that prominent figures such as President Obama and techno-wizz Steve Jobs of Apple, not to mention a host of glamorous movie stars have impressed young people to the point of voting America the coolest place on earth.

Close runners up were the Brazilians (the coolest in Latin America), and the Spaniards, ranked the coolest in Europe, with Britain in sixth place after France. The booby ‘prize’ went to the Belgians, who, despite their fabulous chocolates and great beer, can’t seem to shake their reputation as dull.

So if you were planning a visit across the pond, you’re going to be visiting the hippest, hottest place to be. And now is a great time to go. If you’re visiting America’s east coast, New England is especially famous for its autumn colours, and the brilliance of its foliage and spectacular show of nature draws the tourists at this time of year. If you’re limited to New York, you can enjoy the effect in Central Park, the Big Apple’s enormous garden.

Halloween is also on the horizon and it’s huge in New York. From pumpkin cooking jamborees and street trick or treat jaunts to the massive procession of spooky figures on Sixth Avenue, joined by up to 2 million people, it’s an event not to be missed.

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