Where do the Brits go on holiday and why?

The last 18 months have been beset by travel traumas, causing frayed nerves for those of us trying to get away for a much-needed break. From volcanic eruption disruption and air traffic controllers’ strikes to political unrest in popular destinations like Egypt and Tunisia, the British tourist has been forced to rethink.

Well served by budget airlines from numerous regional airports, the perennial favourite continues to be Spain, which has picked up a lot of sun-seeking holidaymakers who had planned to travel to North Africa. The Canary Islands experienced a boom over Easter, as travellers stuck to their preferred latitude (the islands are tantalizingly placed off the north-west coast of Africa) but opted for political as well as meteorological stability.

Turkey, rather inexplicably has lost out. Fast becoming a favourite destination for Brits, it seems to have now become associated with the riots in the Middle East, although it’s a democratic state showing no signs of trouble. It’s fallen to third on the list as Greece takes second place, despite demonstrations over the economic crisis and recent port and rail strikes.

Price is obviously an important factor: over the Bank Holiday weekend, a Thompson package to the Greek island of Thassos, including a week’s accommodation with breakfast cost just £270 for two. That’s hard to beat!

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