Thinking of staying at a Weymouth travel lodge?

The typical English seaside town of Weymouth has no Travel lodge, but there is plenty of other budget accommodation for those visitors seeking it. The best alternative is probably the Premier Inn actually in Weymouth itself. Its central location provides easy access not only to the town and beach but also for the cross Channel ferries which is ideal if you have an early morning crossing and plan to travel down the night before.

The rooms are all a good size allowing for families to share a room and all have an en-suite bathroom with plenty of hot water and a bath as well as a shower. There is plenty of storage and hanging space as well as the usual television and tea, coffee and biscuits in the room. The rooms are cleaned daily as you would expect and the towels changed. The staff are very helpful and happy to advise visitors on local attractions to suit their requirements.

The hotel is located right across the road from the beach meaning that there is no need to park miles away and then walk back with sandy feet and wet trunks at the end of the day! The reception is manned twenty four hours a day and a morning paper and breakfast are offered. There is a good pub next door that does nice food making an easy evening dinner stop for guests of the Premier Inn. There is also an adjacent country park with lots of things to do and space to run around for children.

This hotel gets very busy so make sure you book ahead: visit the hotel website to do so.

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