Excellent Weston Super Mare Caravan Sites

Feel like setting up camp in a few seaside Weston Super Mare caravan sites this summer? Well there is an extraordinary amount of top quality pitches in that area so you are in luck.

Country View Holiday Park is located on Sand Road and boasts an impressive 120 pitches for caravans open year round. It has all the facilities you would expect from a modern campsite including a massive heated swimming pool. You can find more information at www.cvhp.co.uk . Prices start at £15 per night with electric hookup.

Brean Sands is definitely more of a resort then campsite. It is located on Coast Road and among its features are swimming, fishing and a cinema. The resort is all hooked up with some excellent facilities as you would expect, a stay at Brean Sands will set you back a reasonable £18 per night although there are extras so be sure to check their website at www.hru.co.uk for yourself.

If you are looking for something a little more authentic and off the beaten path however look no further then West End Farm. Although the facilities are limited and it is a bit out of the way who can argue with its £12 per pitch price tag. Not to mention that feeling that finally you have actually "gotten away from it all" you can read reviews of the West End farm at www.resort-guide.co.uk.

Weston Super Mare caravan sites are an incredible way to spend your summer holidays and with such a varied selection of campsites you cannot really go wrong.

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