Find Weston Super Mare Caravan Parks

When is Best to Stay in Weston-Super-Mare?

Weston-Super-Mare enjoys its highest annual average temperatures in the month of August, followed by both July and September.

With average highs of 26 degrees Celsius in August, Weston Super Mare is the perfect location for your summer caravan holiday.


Weston-Super-Mare is best known for its historic pier and lengthy beach front.

Visitors to this English resort town enjoy the sun, sea and sand during the summer, while the sea front area has many arcades, museums, a large observation wheel and an aquarium.

Weston-Super-Mare Caravan Parks

Caravan parks are in plentiful supply in and around the town.

You can perform an online search to find Weston Super Mare caravan parks, using websites such as Resort-guide.co.uk or Weston-Super-Mare.com/caravanparkscamping.html.

The Resort Guide website shows five caravan parks in Weston-Super-Mare, including the Country View Holiday Park, Holiday Resort Unity and the Beachside Holiday Park.

Making a Booking

While all five of these campsites allow you to drive up and book a pitch for your caravan on the day, this is unadvisable during the peak summer holiday period.

Instead, you should make your booking in advance, including indicating the dates that you wish to stay at Weston Super Mare caravan parks.

Either navigate your web browser to the official homepages of your chosen Weston-Super-Mare caravan park or use to telephone number found on websites such as Resort-guide.co.uk or Find-a-campsite.co.uk. Enjoy your holiday today! You should do in this beautiful region of the UK.


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