Spend Delightful Weekends Away With Kids at Bailiffscourt in East Sussex

Nestled amongst the lush water meadows, small streams, and moats, you will find Bailiffscourt Luxury Spa Hotel. This hotel takes pride in being both child and pet friendly. Bailiffscourt has a rich history that shows in its exquisite architecture and design, the perfect mixture of old and new. The medieval feeling of this hotel, and the spectacular games provided by Jaques, make this the perfect place to spend weekends away with kids.

Bailiffscourt Luxury Spa and Hotel Characteristics

The first thing you will notice is the grand 15th century oak door, the 13th and 14th century mullioned windows, and the golden sandstone exterior that gives the building the look of a Classic Manor House. Once you walk through the doors of the hotel, your breath will be taken away by the relaxed contemporary feel and award-winning decor.

The lower level consists of a series of interconnecting sitting rooms complete with period sofas with plump cushions and hanging tapestries. There are underground tunnels that lead to guests’ bedrooms. Other guests must climb a splendid stone staircase to reach their suites. Guest rooms include décor with a medieval twist, heavy draperies, four-poster beds, and flat screen TVs.

History of Bailiffscourt

Amyas Philips, commissioned by Lord and Lady Moyne, also known as Walter Guinness of the brewing company dynasty and his wife Evelyn, built the hotel in 1927 to resemble an authentic medieval manor house. Lady Moyne had a passion for medieval design and plucked pieces from churches, priories, and other ancient dwellings to create the illusion of age. Unfortunately, Lady Moyne passed away in 1939. Lord Moyne was assassinated in 1944. Four short years later the manor was turned into a hotel.

Activities at Bailiffscourt

There are many things to do during your weekends away with kids at the Bailiffscourt Luxury Spa Hotel. Children and adults alike enjoy the games provided, which provide more traditional fun that many feel is a welcomed change from the electronic games of today. Games include a mixture of well-known and not so well-known games like dominoes, quoits, backgammon, ludo, table skittles, chess, shut the box, bagatelle, shove halfpenny, and crokinole. For those that do not know how to play any of the games offered, there are envelopes full of rules and trained staff to help you along the way.

Water is a main feature, both inside the hotel and outside. The spa is a famous attraction at Bailiffscourt, which won an architectural award for its splendid combination of glass and wood. There are indoor and outdoor heated pools and hot tubs set in a stunning atmosphere fitting for a gong. Guests can also enjoy massages and other pampering treatments. The beach is a short walk away, where children can play in the sand or look for flints. Adults will enjoy the sun and relaxation. When you get too hot, simply jump in the water to cool off.

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