Looking for weekends away in Europe?

Weekends away in Europe are the perfect get away break. Europe has varied scenery and weather to suit many tastes. Europe hosts many cities that are awaiting many short trips. Amsterdam is a popular choice for weekend breaks for groups of friends and couples. This wonderful eye opening city offers many exciting trips. This city has wrongly been accused as a city full of sex and drugs but one trip to this city will clear all the accusations right up. Amsterdam is in fact a very clean and beautiful city that offers the trip of a lifetime to visitors. It is easily accessible from Ireland at a little under two hours on a plane. Aerlingus offers flights for approx €290 at the end of May.

Prague is another city that is perfect for a weekend away in Europe. Prague is one of the most elegant and fascinating cities that Europe has to offer. The historic city is perfect those who love to sight see. It is also extremely light on the wallet with a pint of local beer costing just over 70 cent and a meal for around €4.What more could you ask for? Aerlingus offer flights to Prague at the end of May for about €300.

London is another great place to jet off to for a weekend away. London is a bustling city that offers great shops and scenery and who knows, you  may even bump into the Royal Couple if you are lucky. Aerlingus offers great prices for weekend breaks to London at approx €75 euro per person. With a short flight only taking a little over an hour, London is a must for a weekend break at some stage in your life.

These three wonderful cities are perfect for those wanting to get away for a weekend break in Europe.They all offer something different but one thing for certain is you will have a great time.

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