Weekends break away for Couples

From a lively getaway or a nice romantic break, there is so much to offer for weekends away for couples.

Paris in France is one of the most popular tourist spots for couples who want a romantic break away. All loved-up couples flock to this city every year for romantic getaways. Paris is such a beautiful city: you can climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, walk hand in hand along the River Seine and stop off and enjoy the French cuisine in the cities many cafes. Paris is a perfect city to visit at any time.

Flights to Paris, France can cost from just €41. www.ryanair.ie

Staying at the Premiere Classe Hotel in Paris can cost from €40 per night. This hotel is located at the heart of the Pariwest Commercial zone where you will find a variety of bars and restaurants just metres away.   www.premiereclasse.fr

Another famous tourist sport to go for weekends away for couples is the bustling city of Amsterdam where you can shop till you drop throughout the day and visit all the historical buildings and then enjoy the lively nightlife that Amsterdam has to offer.

Flights in to Amsterdam international airport can cost from just €74.  www.aerlingus.ie

Staying in Amsterdam can cost from just 22 per night staying the Trianon Hotel. This hotel is located in a peaceful side street of Amsterdam where visitors can comfortably discover Amsterdam's city centre with its many shops and other entertainment options and tourist attractions. www.trianon-hotel-amsterdam.h-rez.com/




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