Fantastic weekend trips to Paris!

There are fantastic weekend trips to Paris on offer through cheapweekends.co.uk. Paris is the city of love, fashion, art and culture. There are a range of attractions to see in Paris, the main being the Eiffel Tower.This is now an iconic image when one thinks of Paris and no visit is complete without a climb to the top.

The Louvre is also a major attraction, in which The Mona Lisa is the main work of art. However, there are many other Leonardo da Vinci works, as well as many other works of art by many renowned renaissance painters. Another great attraction is the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris,which is one of the first Gothic Cathedrals ever built. From the lookout at the north tower you have a great view over the city. No visit to Paris is complete without visiting the Arc de Triomphe, which commemorates Emperor Napoleon's victories.

You can search the cost of a weekend trip to Paris, using the search feature on their site. A weekend trip to Paris departing from London on the 22nd of May and returning on the 22nd, for two adults, will cost you £274 per person. The cost includes flights and accommodation in the Provinces Opera hotel, a 10 minute walk from the Louvre. This hotel has a high rating among reviewers, which can also be seen through the site.

There is no doubt that Paris is a must see for everyone during their lifetime. It is renowned for its landmarks, shopping, restaurants and the most important of all for couples, romance. So visit cheapweekends.co.uk today and book your weekend trips to Paris.

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