Are you looking for weekend golf breaks Scotland?

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Are you looking for weekend golf breaks Scotland? Here's everything you need to know.

A golfing break in Scotland is extremely relaxing, surrounded by the idyllic Scottish countryside. There are many options available for your golfing break in Scotland, depending on your requirements and which part of the country you want to golf in. Ayrshire is the most prolific golfing region in Scotland with a whopping 44 golf courses. Ayr itself is particularly associated with Robert Burns and you get to visit his birthplace.

Ayrshire Golf Tours offer the most competitive weekend golfing breaks in Scotland. Their most reasonable offer at the minute is 6 rounds of golf over 3 days, with 2 nights B&B in a town centre bed and breakfast for an unbelievable £159 per person. You will not find a better deal than that anywhere in the United Kingdom. This offer is available until October 2011. Another deal includes a gold tour of the Western Gailes, the Glasgow Gailes and Dundonald Links with 2 nights hotel accommodation for a mere £279 per person. Ayrshire Golf Tours have a further 7 offers available up until and including October 2011. For more information or to book your golf tour today, check out aryshiregolf.com.

If you wish to extend your weekend break to a 7 night golfing stay, there are amazing deals to be found on golfholidays-online.com. Seven night golf specials are available on this website in any of Scotlands four regions.

So there’s everything you need to know about weekend golf breaks in Scotland.

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