Weekend Getaway in Ireland

Looking for a weekend getaway? We have the following suggestion for you.


  • The Wineport Lodge:Glasson,Athlone,Co Westmeath,Ireland 090 643 9010The Wineport Lodge (wineport.ie) features many amenities for guests. Situated in a peaceful, smoke-free environment right beside a lake, you will have the ability to spend a relaxing weekend getaway at the Wineport Lodge. Enjoy a relaxing massage and salon treatment, then catch up with your friends using the free wireless internet.Enjoy a Deluxe Lakeview Room which features a private balcony, LCD flatscreen television, mini-bar and bathrooms that have underfloor heating. Expect to pay approximately €85 pps for a lakeview room. For entertainment while staying at the Wineport, enjoy a walk near the lake, fishing, cycling and boat rides. You will also find a spa and a jacuzzi for relaxing. You can also golf at the nearby Glasson Hotel and Golf Club.
  • Gregans Castle Hotel: Ballyvaughan, The Burren,Co Clare, Ireland 065 707 7005Enjoy a stay at the Gregans Castle Hotel (gregans.ie), a place remotely located in a scenic location approximately less than 5 kilometres away from the beach. Spend time scuba diving, fishing or surfing at the beach. Alternatively, you can use your time at the Gregans Castle in a crochet class or relaxing with a massage. The array of activities has something for everyone during your weekend getaway.The hotel is pet and family friendly, so bring everyone along for a good time of fun and relaxation over the weekend. You have several bedroom choices starting at €195 pr a night. Enjoy a modest weekend in one of the classic rooms, or a luxurious weekend to remember in the premier suite.

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